The Farm - History

Our farm was settled in the 1870s when this part of southern Ontario became open to homesteading. The settlers came up the Saugeen River, which is how we chose the name for our farm.

We started farming here with two families in 1989 on 400 acres and milked cows and raised a small beef herd following bio-dynamic principals. We certified the farm organic from the very beginning, though there was no economic incentive for the milk or beef produced. Coming from Germany, where the organic farm movement was already far more established, we thought about processing our milk to make organic foods more available to customers and we decided to use our quality milk to make the best yogurt we can. At that time a couple of producers in Quebec and Pennsylvania were starting to do this so we visited their farms in 1991 and 1992.

The idea took shape and after working through plenty of red tape and much soul-searching we started digging the foundations for the yogurt house. The plant opened for production in September 1994 with very modest beginnings, but as the years went by we have seen major additions that allow us to utilize now all of our own milk.

As our children have grown up and we are getting older the process of handing over the farm to the next generation has begun, with our oldest son and his wife now having taken over full responsibility for the milking herd. They, in turn, already have two young boys, who know the cows by name. A new barn was built in 2011 and you can read more about it when you click Dairy Barn.

We have been at it for well over 20 years now and the incredible loyalty we have seen from you, our customers, has been very gratifying for us.